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Modern warfare rules for miniature wargaming



Basic Rules

Complete Rules


Convention rules for Spring Recruits 2005

Threat convention rules



The Roaring 70's



THREAT is a modern-era miniatures wargaming ruleset that was designed to be a fast-moving fluid game of modern tactical ground combat using 1/285 scale miniatures.

THREAT is a very realistic simulation of the deadly modern battlefield. Combat is simultaneous, for this reason a referee is recommended to direct resolution of the firing and resolve line of sight (LOS) problems. Each miniature represents a one-for-one ratio of personnel and equipment. Aircraft may represent multiples of aircraft of similar type.

Unlike other game rules, THREAT does not use individual vehicle charts, rather it uses charts for each weapon system that modern vehicles employ. In this way any number of vehicles with different weapons mountings can be utilizied without having to create new charts.


Mike Norris and Gary Mills authored the original set for use in their micro-armor games while off-duty during their army tours in D.C. These rules were a comprehensive set of combat results tables they titled "Threat". When Gary was at Ft. Riley he became involved with wargaming at the fort's simulations center. Subsequently, Gary and a group of hobby gamers in the Junction City/Manhattan KS area formed the Manhattan Maneuver Group (MMG). They gamed Civil War, WWII, and modern periods. For the modern period games they used Threat. THREAT was later used as the basis for the unclassified PH/PK data for an Army tactical computer simulation called Janus.

For additional info contact:

Gary Mills

Email: millsg@leavenworth.army.mil
Phone: 913 683-1292